Interior trends 2018

Get Inspired – Top 11 Interior Trends 2018

With a new year comes new trends. It’s not quite a case of out with the old and in with the new, with several favourites from last year continuing to grow in popularity. We take a look at the top interior trends 2018 and help you stay one step ahead.

  1. Go Big or Go Home
  2. 2018 looks set to be the year of big colour. Watch out for deep violet everything this year. Bold feature walls, furniture and textiles are all set to take on a vibrant violet hue.

    Courtesy of @owldesignlondon

    Grey is far from gone and is likely to continue to be the neutral of choice, but where richer colour is required expect it to be bold.

  3. Rustic Textures
  4. Injecting personality into your interior has always been critical to a successful scheme and a number of trends look to tackle this challenge in 2018. We’ll see a big resurgence in the popularity of rattan and wicker, manifesting in lampshades, chairs and tables to name but a few.

    Courtesy of @lobsterandswan

    Worn touches, the perfectly imperfect (known as Wabi-sabi), will continue to permeate and provide a sense of beautiful imperfection.

  5. Tropical Touches
  6. The tropical trend continues to grow in 2018 but has matured and softened. Carnival colours are out for the most part with deep greens and foliage fronds taking centre stage.

    Courtesy of @yellowtrace

    With the tropical comes the pineapples. Whether you love or hate their spiky visage, expect to see the humble pineapple everywhere this year.

  7. High Shine Metallics
  8. The rise of high shine metallics began last year with mirror-polish brass and copper enjoying a steady rise in popularity. This year, as the trend continues, keep an eye out for gold making waves.

    Courtesy of @deardesigner

    Expect to see dark furnishings trimmed with gold to create high contrast schemes.

  9. Bold Botanical
  10. Botanical influences are seemingly evergreen (sorry). The trend this year will be for intricate floral fabrics, houseplants as decoration and detailed papered feature walls.

    Courtesy of @Jungalow

    We’ll see the type of schemes long championed by the likes of Jungalow become more commonplace.

  11. Feature Ceilings
  12. A longtime small house hack, the feature ceiling looks set for the mainstream.

    Courtesy of @astoriedstyle

    Stark geometric paintwork or papered ceilings work to draw the eye upwards, create the illusion of space and offer a further canvas for creativity. Out there installations are also in, pick a theme and run with it.

  13. Colourful Kitchens
  14. Bold colour will also find its way into the kitchen space this year.

    Courtesy of @apartmenttherapy

    Rich deep pigments will be juxtaposed with dark wood units and ultra glam metallics to create high contrast combos.

  15. Vintage/Industrial Lighting
  16. No surprises here – vintage industrial lighting has been with us for a good few years now and looks set to be one of the top interior trends 2018. The proliferation of knock-offs and eccentricities has slowed as the boundaries and expectations of the market become more clearly defined. For our part, staying ahead of the game has meant adapting traditional designs and expanding their scope to include a broad range of applications.
    All of this adds up to designs for the whole house. It has never been easier to inject some industrial style into your home in a modern way.

  17. Terrazzo Tiling
  18. Each new season a blast from the past re-emerges and comes around again on the trend carousel. This year sees Terrazzo tiling step back into the spotlight after a lengthy absence.

    Originally devised as a means of utilising marble off-cuts, Terrazzo saw a spike in popularity in the 70s and 80s. Today, Terrazzo is available in a number of colours and compositions, from the bold to the neutral.

  19. Oversize Pendants
  20. With our new found love of all things big and bold, expect feature pendants to pack plenty of each. Searches for oversize pendants have risen steadily over the last few months.

    Courtesy of @devolkitchens © deVol

    Sleek, low impact fixtures are out, with large prominent pendants primed to take their place.

  21. Dark Woods
  22. With all the big colour craziness, dark wood furnishings look set to add balance and contrast to interior schemes this year.

    Courtesy of @herz.und.blut

    Walnut and Rosewood are likely to grow in popularity this year with gold handles and trim a recurring feature.