Universal Lamp Shade Gallery



Factorylux universal enamel shade galleries are designed to be fitted to reclaimed shades. The smaller size fits shades where the neck is up to 90mm in diameter and the larger up to 100mm diameter.

The complete pack includes the galvanised steel gallery and:

  • a galvanised lighting hook with a 15mm long thread and 6.4mm throat opening
  • an aluminium plate 150mm long x 40mm wide x 3mm deep
  • a 20mm deep female coupler
  • a 27mm deep male coupler
  • a washer 3.2mm deep and with a 36.6mm external diameter 
  • two knurled lock rings

The aluminium plate can be cut using a hacksaw and filed to a profile that fits under the lip or opening at the top of the shade. The additional components are then configured to lock the gallery against the shade.

There are no issues trying to fit a new lamp holder to original fixings or fittings because it hangs independently of the shade. The weight of the shade is taken by lighting chain attached to the hook and an appropriate ceiling fitting. The lamp holder is supported and positioned in the shade by the grub screw in the hook which secures the supply cord.

If appropriately configured and assembled, the components will support a shade up to 3.5kg. Care should be taken to ensure the configuration of lamp holder, light bulb and shade does not cause the temperature of the lamp holder and cabling to become unsafely hot.