Hooked B22 Lamp Holder | Switched | Brass


A brass switched bulb holder with a hook for suspending using lighting chain or similar. The switch allows the light bulb to be controlled on the lamp holder rather than a wall switch. Use the lamp holder without a shade or, for fitting a shade, the diameter of the barrel is 26mm and the external diameter of the shade ring is 32mm. The lamp holder meets BS 7895 and BS EN 61184 with a safety feature to prevent it being switched on unless there is a bulb in the socket.
  • takes a standard bayonet (B22 or BC) light bulb and compatible with Factorylux B22 incandescent light bulbs and B22 Eco-Filament pear bulb
  • made in the UK and supplied with easy to follow wiring instructions and diagrams for safe installation
  • comes with a single shade ring with extras available here
  • requires an earth connection - must be wired with three core lighting cable
The same switched fitting is available with a threaded nut - ideal for desk, table and standard lights - and a cord grip to be suspended using the supply cable. Or there are un-switched B22 lamp holders with hooks, cord grips or threaded nuts.