Short Tube Coil Filament Light Bulb | B22 Bayonet | 40W



Due to changes in government legislation, we are no longer able to supply this product.

Our alternative high-performance, low energy LED-Filament bulbs combine exceptional aesthetic and technical performance while being extremely economical.

Ideal for adding decorative or ambient lighting to a given space, these Short Tube filament bulbs feature a distinctive spiral filament. Producing a warm white light, using a dimmer will increase both the warmth of the bulb and its lifespan.

  • 40w standard bayonet (B22/BC) - also available in 60w
  • filaments hand-threaded in Switzerland - watch how here
  • impressive lifespan - 5000 hour on average
  • warm colour temperature (2,700K) and faithful colour render (CRI 100)
  • a great fit for our Small Balloon Cages
  • Whilst the design of the Short Tube filament lamp is tough to match, our Factoylux LED-filament equivalent takes a pretty good shot and boasts an infinitely more economical performance.