Industrial, Vintage & Retro Hallway Lighting

Hallways are one of the most important spaces in the home, but they are often one of the most difficult to perfect. Ideally, as the first thing visitors see, hallways should be light, spacious and welcoming but, typically, they are just the opposite. That is why it is so important to get your hallway lighting spot on. Fortunately, our range of vintage hallway lighting is carefully curated to make this task a great deal easier.

Rest assured that our assortment of vintage hallway lighting is vast enough to accommodate for all tastes. Our years of work in the lighting fixture field, beginning with salvaging light fittings from mills in the West Riding of Yorkshire a decade ago, have given us the knowledge and experience with which to design an offering of retro hall lights that are second to none. We have glass cylinder lamp shades, vintage wall lights with pattresses, as well as ceiling lights with shades.

A source of pride for Urban Cottage Industries is our unique status as the only bespoke lighting service in the world to provide customers with the luxury of next day delivery. With just a few clicks, our speedy and secure service will deliver the vintage hall lights of your dreams to your doorstep.

Industrial, Vintage & Retro Hallway Lighting

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