Industrial, Vintage & Retro Bedroom Lighting

Finding the right industrial bedroom ceiling light to match your otherwise meticulously designed décor can be tricky, but our extensive range of authentic industrial bedroom lighting is here to help you finally create the bedroom you’ve been craving. Whether you’re on the hunt for industrial bedroom lamps or industrial bedroom wall lights, you are sure to find the perfect product here.

By leaning on our experience of salvaging vintage light fittings from mills in the West Riding of Yorkshire, we have carefully curated a distinct selection of products that we know our customers will love. You will find breath-taking examples of vintage bedroom lighting. Each and every single product is unmistakable and, should you elect to purchase one, we guarantee that it will add a huge deal of character to your home.

We pride ourselves on our bespoke lighting service. Our customers are able to exercise an unprecedented amount of control on the product that arrives on their doorstep (the next day if necessary) meaning that they can truly create a product that is tailored to their requirements to a tee.

Whatever your choice, with just a few clicks, you can get your hands on the kind of authentic bedroom lighting that will transform your bedroom into the inviting and unique space you’ve always wanted it to be.

Industrial, Vintage & Retro Bedroom Lighting