Industrial, Vintage & Retro Bathroom Lighting

Struggling to find the industrial bathroom lighting fixture to complete the bathroom of your dreams? You’re in luck, here at Urban Cottage Industries, we have an expansive range of industrial bathroom lighting.

Our experience in the vintage lighting field is intertwined with our history of salvaging light fixtures from mills in the West Riding of Yorkshire. We are indebted to this experience for establishing our extensive knowledge in the lighting industry, and our team of experts are determined to make only the finest products possible available to our customers.

All of our products are carefully crafted using the highest quality materials available. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing team, you can specify exactly the kind of tone you want your industrial bathroom wall lights to be. And whether you opt for our copper or galvanised finishes, or even our gleaming red enamel or our matt black enamel finish, you can rest assured that the same high quality will be present.

One of the most frustrating issues customers of bespoke lighting services encounter is the sheer length of time that it can take between confirming an order with a click of a mouse, to the product actually arriving at the desired destination. Fortunately for you, we are the only company in the world to offer a next-day light manufacturing service. With a few clicks, the industrial bathroom wall lights you have been desperate for can be at your home within the space of 24 hours.

Industrial, Vintage & Retro Bathroom Lighting

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