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Store Lighting

Engaging customers is pivotal to the success of retail stores. Efficiently communicating a brand identity gives consumers a context and narrative with which they can relate. Window displays are an effective way of starting this dialogue. We work with retailers to provide decorative lighting that matches or cultivates a particular style. Elsewhere, our diverse range allows us to provide lighting that accentuates, enhances or provides more general output. We work closely with clients to overcome obstacles and deliver the desired look.

Cosmetics and ethics have had a somewhat rocky relationship in the past. Lush have bucked this trend and developed a brand built with principles at its core. Lush have gone on to corner the market in ethical cosmetics and have expanded from niche to global juggernaut. The design and layout of stores has been critical to this success. Throughout a recent overhaul, we have been on-hand to provide in-store lighting across countless Lush stores. From display lighting to task lighting above sinks and sample zones, we’ve worked to deliver a functional aesthetic that remains on-brand.

Situated in Regent Street London, Liberty remains a department store of enduring quality and character. The store wears its rich history with pride and still seeks to bring the finest goods to the streets of London. Maintaining this legacy whilst remaining relevant and engaging is a balancing act Liberty performs with consistent aplomb. Creating fresh, visually stunning window displays has become something of a specialty. We worked with Liberty on one of their recent displays. Our flexible approach allows us to work closely with clients to deliver on creative briefs.

Our commercial partners
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