Mirrored GLS Zig-Zag Filament Bulb | B22 Bayonet | 60W



Due to changes in government legislation, we are no longer able to supply this product.

Our alternative high-performance, low energy LED-Filament bulbs combine exceptional aesthetic and technical performance while being extremely economical.


A standard GLS filament bulb with a silvered or mirrored crown. All the Factorylux filament bulbs have been made in Switzerland since 1906. Features

  • 3,000 hour average bulb life
  • choose from standard bayonet (B22 or BC) and standard screw (E27 or ES) caps

WARNING: the mirrored glass reflects both light and heat back towards the lamp holder which may then impair the safety of the light fitting. We recommend that these bulbs are not used with lamp shades and care is taken to ensure the light fitting does not get too hot. The bulbs are suitable for accent lighting, but careful planning is required to use them for general or task lighting. There’s a Factorylux GLS filament bulb without the silvered/mirrored glass.