Oval Spiral Filament Light Bulb | E27 Screw | 60W



Due to changes in government legislation, we are no longer able to supply this product.

Our alternative high-performance, low energy LED-Filament bulbs combine exceptional aesthetic and technical performance while being extremely economical.

The filament in this oval bulb coils down the central glass stem to create a strikingly attractive and intricate lamp. Factorylux filament bulbs have been hand made in Switzerland since 1906 and have exceptional aesthetic qualities. Features:
  • unsurpassed lifespan - 5,000 hour average life
  • faithful colour rendition (CRI 100) and warm colour temperature (2,700K)
  • suitable for decorative use in pendant, wall, floor and table light fittings
  • the tungsten filament - held by dozens of support wires - spirals down the glass stem seven times
  • watch Factorylux filament bulbs being made by hand here
Dimming the bulb allows the beauty of the spiral filament to be fully appreciated, greatly extends the life of the bulb and hugely reduces energy use. The same filament style is available in the Factorylux Short Tube Filament Bulb.