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Office Lighting

Office spaces have undergone a steady evolution in recent years. The value of curating a functional yet attractive space has been evidenced by some of the largest, forward-thinking, enterprises. Office layout and design has become something of a science. We may not have seen the back of fluorescent strip lights just yet, but there is certainly a greater focus on reducing their dominance. Decorative fixtures are employed in key areas such as desks, dining areas and boardrooms. We’ve worked with a series of clients to deliver flexible lighting solutions on any scale.

Having built on the runaway success of Tesco Clubcard, London based customer loyalty kingpins The Future Customer have established themselves as market leaders. Growing rapidly and toasting their recent ICF merger, the team felt it high time to expand their office space. Working with an interior design agency, The Future Customer developed a modern office environment. When it came to lighting this new space, the designers spiced up the typical functional fixtures with several more eye-catching additions. We provided decorative pendants and wall lights for key areas such as the dining space and boardroom.

From humble origins, Boden have become a clothing brand with a global reach. Starting with just eight designs, Boden now have extensive ranges with a consistent focus on quality. Ecommerce remains at the heart of the business and a new, larger, warehouse HQ was opened in Leicester in 2003. Since then, the business have continued to develop the space and create a modern workplace for their growing staff. We worked with designers to create attractive industrial lighting for key areas throughout the warehouse.

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