Mini Tube Zig-Zag Filament Bulbs | E14 & B15 | 25W



Due to changes in government legislation, we are no longer able to supply this product.

Our alternative high-performance, low energy LED-Filament bulbs combine exceptional aesthetic and technical performance while being extremely economical.

The Mini Tube Filament Bulbs are particularly suited to smaller light fittings or fittings where there are multiple bulbs on the same fitting. The shape and size of the glass combined with the filament which zig-zags up the central glass stem makes the bulb strikingly attractive when dimmed and viewed close-up. Features:
  • 1,500 hour lamp life
  • attractive colour temperature (2,700K) and excellent rendering of colours (CRI 100)
  • SWISS-made since 1906 with a hand threaded filament
  • choose from small bayonet (B22 or SBC) or small screw (E14 or SES) caps
In addition to revealing the intricate beauty of the filament, dimming creates an attractively warm sunset-yellow light output and greatly reduces energy consumption.