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Filament Lightbulbs & Bulb Sockets

We supply the four main UK lightbulb cap and bulbholder specifications: Screw (ES / E27), Small Screw (SES / E14), Bayonet (BC / B22d), Small Bayonet (SBC / BA15d)

Despite each lightbulb being individually tested and carefully packed, rough handling during transit can reduce the life span of the filament, see our returns procedure.

Our vintage lighting is widely compatible with all ‘standard’ lightbulbs, check individual listings for details.

Lightbulb Sizes

It’s not possible to manufacture bulbs to a fixed life expectancy so the industry standard is to use an ‘average life’ figure. This means a bulb with a 5000hr average lifespan is equally likely to last 2000hrs or 8000hrs.

Yes, dimmers (not lower wattage) create the ‘warm and cosy’ vintage feel, can be purchased inexpensively, are easy for your electrician to fit, reduce power consumption and can greatly extend the life of your bulb.

Different products have different specifications, check individual listings for details.

Disconnect power supply. Depress small metal ‘flap’ located under the rim of the sleeve inside the bulbholder (not to be confused with electrical connectors). Carefully rotate body.

Normally caused by incorrect alignment between the ceramic interior (has 2 small semi-circular indents) and the body (has 2 matching semi-circular indents / lugs on the inside of the bulb holder)

bayonet not working

There are several exemptions, including ‘decorative’ lamps, but that might change and even if not, low energy is the future. We have launched our own low energy alternative: Factorylux Eco-Filament, LED-Filament and Eco-LED, the performance is incredible and it's keeping with our own aesthetic values.

Physically possible, but not recommended as it stretches cage’s elastic limit and risks splitting the top section. The jaws can also snap shut while is in process, breaking the lightbulb. Other models offer a good fit.

Assuming the wattage, type and bulb shape match, there should be no compatibility issues. Check your own requirements with your qualified electrical contractor.

We’ve never been able to reproduce the sound ourselves but we know filament lightbulbs can occasionally sound ‘like crickets are trapped inside’, see our returns procedure.

Our bulbs are made by hand and our production have spent many years perfecting our own authentic and traditional designs, the cost in changing our production would be excessively high.

The glass part of the bulb is called the envelope. We are only able to work with our own envelope designs and stock.

Squirrel cage filaments (unless dimmed to +/- 50% or below) can cause radio interference. Spiral, straight and zig-zag filaments do not. Disruptive to BBC Radio 4 (FM), which – depending on your point of view – is good or bad.

  Maybe. Thermal outputs vary. The measured temperatures of light bulb glass is listed below for each model (ambient temperature 25°C).
  • Eco-Filament 8W (55.8°C)
  • Eco-Filament Globe 8W (glass 49.6°C)
  • Large Globe 40W (37.7°C)
  • Large Globe 60W (43.8°C)
  • Long Tube 40W (51.3°C)
  • Oval 40W (58.1°C)
  • Pear Shape 40W (48.2°C)
  • Small Globe 40W (58.3°C)
  • American 110v Small Globe 50W (66.1°C)
  • Classic Edison 40W (74.2°C)
  • Classic Edison 60W (85.7°C)
  • Eco-LED (glass 38.2°C / heatsink 73.3°C)
  • Long Tube 60W (70.0°C)
  • Mini Globe Frosted 25W (110.1°C)
  • Mini Globe Clear 25W (110.1°C)
  • Mini Tube 25W (101.9°C)
  • Oval 60W (73.9°C)
  • Pear Shape 60W (62.6°C)
  • Reflector 60W (98.6°C)
  • Short Tube 40W (87.2°C)
  • Short Tube 60W (107.6°C)
  • Simple GLS 70W (TBC)
  • Small Globe 60W (63.2°C)


Fabric Cable

Lighting normally requires smaller loads (Amps). Fabric lighting cable is therefore thinner, more flexible and easier to work with than fabric power cable it can be bent in tighter circles and fits inside bulbholder cord grips.

3 Core Fabric Cable (L, N, ⏚) for ‘Appliance Class I’, (connectivity to earth). 2 Core Fabric Cable (L, N) for ‘Appliance Class II’ (no connectivity to earth). Check your appliance class with your qualified electrical contractor.

We manufacture fabric cable in 500m lengths, assuming your order is less than 500m we will normally always supply it as a single length.

Common solutions include applying adhesive tape, heatshrink tube, superglue or other adhesives.

Mocking up with string ‘in-situ’, then measuring the string is a reliable method of determining pendant length.

We do not sell it separately because it is not possible to make it separately (it’s woven directly onto the cable). It is possible to remove short lengths of sleeve, up to +/- 500mm (e.g. to make matching bindings)

Polyester or viscose rayon, an amazing fibre which is neither truly synthetic or natural. Known as ‘art silk’ or ‘manufactured regenerated cellulose fibre’ it is highly regarded for its beautiful silk-like sheen and vibrant colours.

Fabric Cable safe working temp. is -15°C to +70°C. See individual filament lightbulb listings for thermal output. Following bulbs ONLY are safe to use: 40W & 60W: Large Globe. 40W Only: Oval, Long Tube, Pear Shape, Small Globe

It depends on the exact application, consult your qualified electrical contractor.

Almost any cable can be fabric covered, though changing our production line for one off jobs comes at a cost – check our trade prices for details.

Available in the fabric cable section. It’s also quick and easy to remove the 3rd (normally earth ⏚) core altogether from our 3 core twisted cable. We are also able to manufacture 2 core Fabric Cable to your specification.

There is no difference in the physical strength of our twisted and not twisted fabric cable.

A common solution is to remove a length of sleeve from Fabric Cable and use this as a binding. You can tailor the length to suit your particular application, observing the max bend radius for your cable.

In principle our cable can be used for dimmed low voltage applications, check your own requirements with your qualified electrical contractor.

Baby wipes work very well, we don't know what they put in them, but they work like magic. Alternatively you can use solvent cleaning wipes (widely available from DIY type stores) Try baby wipes first, then - if necessary - solvent cleaning wipes second.


General, Shades, Cages, Ceiling Roses & Accessories

Common connection methods include: push fit multiple connector, bus bar, linked connector block, junction box. Check your own requirements with your qualified electrical contractor.

Our hooks are not ‘rated’, so we publish a nominal max load of 10KG’s. Anecdotally some have been workshop tested beyond 200Kg’s but this is uncertified and therefore not published or recommended.

If the bulb holder is supplied with a shade ring it should be possible, check the diameter.

We manufacture and supply a range of bulb holders that can be fixed directly to 20mm conduit, see the bulb holder section of our website.

Female M20 x 1.5mm thread pitch.

Most of our lighting and accessories conform to BESA 50.8mm industrial specification hole spacings for conduit and accessories. Check individual product listings.

Our products are compliant within the scope of their intended purpose. Modifications are possible but beyond our own certification.

We loan samples to designers, architects, journalists, etc. You are also welcome to make a purchase and take advantage of our generous returns policy.

We occasionally buy lights offered to us, email us pictures, quantities, dimensions and a description and we’ll get back to you..

Verdigris is a delicate, natural process which can be damaged by contact with solid objects or liquids. No products are available to care for it. White pure cotton gloves are supplied for handling.

We began life as restorers of original vintage lighting but it was a hard and uncertain life. Specifications and condition are rarely ‘standard’, meaning restoration can be a time consuming and therefore costly process.

We are skilled technicians with access to an extraordinary collection of materials and equipment, email us a description of your enquiry and we’ll let you know if we are able to help you.

Contact the Lighting Industry Association for advice and cost effective solutions to your CE Mark, UL, ISO, British Standards, BSEN, labelling and other compliance requirements.

We can introduce you to manufacturing partners who are able to customise to emergency specification, email us your enquiry.


Print FAQs

For larger orders (25+ books) we can often work to designs beyond what is available via our website, email us your design and we’ll see if we can make it happen

For larger orders (100+ books) we can sometimes purchase work with products beyond what our standard collection, email for details

To save you the trauma of spoiled personalisation (+/- 5% of the products we personalise) we only work with stock we purchase and manage ourselves. Periodically we make spoils available via our ebay outlet store.

We are skilled printers with an extraordinary collection of print equipment but we focus on our own range of finished product and don’t generally take on work that we are offered beyond this

Email us once you’ve placed your order and we’ll endeavour to reply with a photo

The type is endlessly cast, printed from, melted down and cast again. The metal in your ‘slug’ has been (and will continue to be) used thousands of times; we don’t offer it for sale