LED-Filament & LED Bulbs
Our LED light bulbs offer exceptional LED lighting performance:
  • The LED-Filament bulbs are A+ energy rated with a 25,000 hour life. The long thin LED filaments emit light evenly to prevent glare, striping and flicker. They produce a very warm white light (300 lumen and 2,200K) and have excellent colour render (>90 CRI). They are ideal for decorative use in a range of light fittings.
  • The Eco-LED bulbs are energy rated A and have a 25,000 hour life. They provide a bright (800 lumen), warm white light (2,700K) which is evenly distributed (330º beam angle). They are perfect for general or ambient lighting in ceiling pendants in living rooms, hallways and landings
The dimmable Eco-LEDs and all the LED-Filaments can be dimmed using a conventional dimmer.

LED-Filament & LED Bulbs