Lighting design


Does Urban Cottage Industries offer a lighting design service?

Although Urban Cottage Industries designs and manufactures a range of light fixtures and fittings, it does not offer a lighting design service in the sense of creating schemes for lighting individual rooms, entire buildings or outdoor spaces. To get lighting design right, a complete understanding of the space (function, colours, textures, dimensions, light, etc) is required. Because we don't have that understanding, we can't design your lighting scheme.

To help you with lighting design, every product listing has a range of images, a full description and a detailed product specification. If you want to know more, get in touch - Although we can't create you a lighting scheme, it has huge amount of expertise in product design, manufacture and testing. If you want a variation - different colours, finishes, sizes etc - on an existing Urban Cottage Industries product or a new product, get in touch - and we'll try to help.

Help with lighting design

  • There are many skilled lighting and interior designers and practices out there.
  • If hiring a designer is not possible, you know your space better than anyone and we encourage you to develop confidence in your own design ideas.
  • Our 'Custom Lighting' configurators open up a huge range of design choices and help visualise what the final product will look like.
  • There are a range of product and lifestyle images on product pages and we feature inspirational projects on our blog.
  • The generous returns policy means you can return products which don't meet your expectation in terms of size, colour or finish.