Maria Library | Bronze Bookcase Light




The Maria Library Bookcase light is usually fitted above head height with the lamp holder pointing down, but can be just as attractive fitted lower down with the lamp holder pointing up, sconce style. The slim base plate (32mm wide) and simple style makes it particularly effective for task or accent lighting shelving or bookcases - the plain style is appealing without detracting from what it is there to illuminate. Features:

  • use without a shade or the lamp holder barrels fit standard 40mm lamp shade necks or carrier rings
  • lamp holder is adjustable and positionable through 90º and is held by the butterfly nut
  • compatible with the Factorylux E27 light bulbs - Traditional Filament, Eco-Filament or LED-Filament
  • sits flush to the wall - mounted by four screws in the plate
  • shipped for simple and safe installation with detailed instructions, fixings, fittings and WAGO connectors - the safest way to wire light fittings
  • made entirely in the UK and individually tested and certified to BS EN 60598

The Maria Twin Double Wall light offers a more decorative design and with two lamp holders.