Classic Edison LED-Filament Light Bulb | B22 Bayonet



Offering outstanding technical performance, the Classic Edison Factorylux LED-filament maintains the charming design aesthetic that made the original lamps so popular. With a low, warm output, these lamps make an excellent ambient lighting addition.


  • standard bayonet (B22/BC cap)
  • costs just one tenth of a penny per hour to run, including purchase price and average UK domestic electricity price (14 pence per kWH)
  • A+ energy rating – achieves 300 lumen output from just 4W power consumption
  • four thin LED filaments emit light evenly preventing striping, glare and flicker
  • output equivalent to traditional 50W incandescent
  • dimmable to <5% brightness using a standard dimmer
  • excellent colour render (>90 CRI) and warm colour temperature (2,200K)
  • estimated 25,000 lifespan and 100,000 switching cycles
  • driver completely integrated in the cap - no unsightly base or ballast

For purely decorative use, it’s difficult to match the design of a Classic Edison Filament Bulb. In addition to the Classic Edison, there are the Large Globe, Long Tube, Short Tube and Pear LED-Filament bulbs available in standard bayonet cap