Gymnasium Lighting Trade Solutions

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Gym Lighting

A unique combination of factors must be considered when planning gym lighting. The functional need for a well-lit environment is off-set with the need to deliver attractive on-brand lighting which accentuates as well as illuminates. Modern ‘concept’ style gyms have started using lighting to develop and express an evolution in keep fit culture. We’ve worked with a series of clients to meet these needs and provide versatile lighting solutions.

Blok Gym took a former Victorian tram depot and created a modern workout space. We were commissioned to supply lighting that was at once sympathetic to the space yet still capable of delivering attractive and practical illumination. We combined industrial shades with an LED light source to meet both the practical and aesthetic needs of the client.

Members only ‘concept’ gym BXR London aims to deliver, not only the high-end facilities expected by professional athletes, but also an experience for its clients. BXR seamlessly blends high-end luxury and stripped-back functionality. Lighting has been employed to accentuate or underplay as required. The centre ring gets the heavyweight treatment where elsewhere, low light and shadows lend authentic grit.

Our commercial partners
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  • Gym lighting
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  • Theatre, film and TV lighting
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