Cord Grip B22 Lamp Holder | Gold


These 9ct gold plated lamp holders are precision machined in the UK from new brass. The brass is first given a base plate of nickel and then a final genuine nine carat gold finish. They can be used unshaded or, to use the lamp holder to support a shade, the barrel is 26mm in diameter and the external diameter of the shade ring is 32mm.

  • fits a standard bayonet - BC or B22d - light bulb and compatible with Factorylux tungsten filament and Eco-Filament Pear light bulbs
  • the cord grip has grub screw to safely secure the supply cable and prevent strain on the wiring terminals
  • certified to BS EN 61184:2008 and supplied with easy to follow wiring instructions and diagrams for simple and safe installation
  • comes with a single shade ring with extras available here
  • requires earthing - must be wired with three core lighting cable
This lamp holder can be configured as a fully wired simple pendant light or simple plug in light using the Made For You designer lighting service.