Galvanised Industrial Lamp Shade | 360mm


These galvanised lamp shades have both an industrial form and finish. They are centrifuge galvanised - dipped in molten zinc and then spun at high speed - to give each one a unique matt zinc patina. The size of the pendant shades - 360mm or just over 14 inches in diameter - makes them suitable for general lighting in a range of rooms or spaces and also for mood or task lighting over tables and surfaces when hung low. Design a pendant light featuring this shade using the Custom Lighting pendant light configurators.
  • the shades are entirely UK-made - machined and galvanised - for outstanding quality and finish
  • both the interior and exterior have the beautiful matt zinc finish, as do the gallery and hook which are used to hang the shade using lighting chain or drop bars
  • the shade is positionable and adjustable on the supply cable using the cord grip at the base of the hook
  • there is a compatible cage guard which clips to the bottom of the shade