Galvanised Double Surface Back Box


A galvanised double or two-gang back box designed for surface mounting the Factorylux double wall sockets. The boxes are spin galvanised to match the finish of the sockets or there is a galvanised double blanking plate to use the box to house an electrical connection.
  • the holes for mounting the face plate are the standard 120.6 mm apart and the box is compatible with all standard double sockets
  • there is a riveted brass earth terminal on the inside of the box for earthing
  • the box has single knock-outs on the side and triple knock-outs top and bottom suitable for 20mm electrical conduit
  • the knock-outs are 6mm from the back of the box, making them align perfectly with our small spacers
  • compatible with the range of Factorylux galvanised steel conduit products including conduit tube and flanged coupler
  • there are holes and slots in the rear of the box for fixing to a surface
The Factorylux galvanised switch and socket range also includes a single galvanised back box for mounting a single wall mounted switch or a single wall mounted socket.