Eco-LED Bulb | Double-Click Dimmable | E27 Screw


The Factorylux double-click Eco-LED features unique functionality which means it can be dimmed to 30% brightness using a conventional on/off switch. Switch on for full brightness or on-off-on for 30% brightness. The bulbs are ideal for general lighting in pendants and standard lamps - full brightness when the task requires it and dimmed for mood lighting.

Factoring in the purchase price and average UK domestic electricity tariffs, the running cost is 1.85 pence per day for six hours per day over the 11 year lifespan - great value for exceptional quality general lighting.

  • fast start time (under 0.5 seconds to full brightness) and even light distribution - 330º beam angle
  • bright (800 lumen), warm white temperature (2,700 K) and high colour render (>90 CRI)
  • 25,000 hour life and rated A for energy consumption
  • attractive form - spherical glass bulb and raw aluminium heatsink - to match the function
There’s a dimmable Eco-LED which can be dimmed using both conventional and modern LED dimming units. For a more decorative look with similar energy efficiency, there are the Factorylux LED-Filaments - available in both Large Globe and Pear Shapes.