Coolie Lamp Shade | 310mm



This product has been discontinued. However, you may find it at a reduced price in our Worn Lighting section.


The Factorylux version of the classic coolie or shoemaker shade measures 310mm or just over 12 inches in diameter. The shades are machined from high quality low carbon steel. The combination of steel and genuine vitreous enamel or metallic finish provides exceptional quality and durability.
  • suitable for ambient lighting in smaller rooms or task lighting above tables and surfaces
  • available in six attractive enamel colours, and galvanised and nickel metallic finishes
  • includes cord grip and the lamp holder is not fixed to the shade - can be used with a range of lamp holders
  • choose shade-only or create a complete ready-to-install pendant using the Custom Lighting configurators
  • made entirely in the UK by skilled metalworkers
The Factorylux Coolicons offer the same size of shade to a more sculpted design and there are the Factorylux Angled Lamp Shades which are particularly suited to accent or feature lighting.