Declaration of Conformity


We’re serious about safety and compliance. We're independently audited and accredited by the Lighting Industry Association. EC DoC's are available for download (luminaires) or upon request (components) for all relevant products we manufacture and/or supply via Rolling internal audits ensure each DoC is supported by credible & relevant documentation from suppliers, independent test certificates and our own internal testing. The EC DoC forms part of our technical files which underpin our CE mark (EU directive).




Using our products outside EU eg. Russia, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc


We're a UK company and our compliance certifications currently only cover European (EU) directives - the legal jurisdiction we operate within. Many people have chosen to use our products in other parts of the world, either by exporting themselves or by buying directly using an international shipping option. Unless otherwise stated or agreed, for purchases intended for use outside the EU, the purchaser accepts sole responsibility for establishing compatibility / compliance with a relevant qualified / accredited agency.