Classic Edison Loop Filament Bulbs | E27 & B22 | 40W & 60W



Due to changes in government legislation, we are no longer able to supply this product.

Our alternative high-performance, low energy LED-Filament bulbs combine exceptional aesthetic and technical performance while being extremely economical.

A traditional Edison style bulb with a hand-threaded loop filament which spirals down the glass stem. Factorylux filament bulbs have been made in Switzerland since 1906 and are exceptionally beautiful and long-lasting. Features:
  • extended lifespan - 3,000 hour average life
  • renders colours faithfully (CRI 100) and warm colour temperature (2,700K)
  • suitable for decorative use in pendant, wall, floor and table light fittings
  • the tungsten filament is held in spirals by over 30 support wires
  • standard screw (E27 or ES) and standard bayonet (B22 or BC) cap options, and 40 or 60 Watt versions
  • watch how Factorylux Edison filament bulbs are made and tested here
Dimming the Edison bulb reveals the complex beauty of the spiral filament, creates a relaxing orange/yellow sunset light and hugely reduces energy use. A longer version of the same filament style is available with the Oval Spiral and Short Tube Coil Filament Bulbs.