vintage wall light at Apostrophe cafe

Vintage Wall Lights | Factorylux for Apostrophe Cafe

Apostrophe has become one of London’s leading independent cafe chains using the simple recipe of tasty food, expertly made. When Apostrophe opened a branch at the O2 shopping centre in north London, it put Factorylux vintage wall lights front of house.

The Factorylux Maria Banjo vintage wall lights are used to illuminate the seating areas. Apostrophe chose the classic gloss black enamel shades for the wall lights. In addition to gloss black, the shades are available in five other genuine vitreous enamel colours and six metallic finishes.

Not only are the wall lights assembled in the UK, all the components – the brass body and lamp shades – are also manufactured in the UK. And each light is individually tested and certified to BS EN 60598. See our film of the vintage wall lights being made.

vintage wall lights at Apostrophe cafe

In addition to the vintage wall lights, the Factorylux Maria 180 architectural lights are used on the booth tables and fitted with Coolicon light shades. As with the wall lights, the aesthetic is is classy and traditional.

coolicon lamp shades at the Apostrophe cafe

Apostrophe have used the vintage wall lights and enamel shades to great effect. The O2 is a large modern shopping centre, but an imaginative and intelligent choice of lighting creates a stylish and traditional aesthetic with inviting and intimate spaces for customers.

All images courtesy of and copyright Apostrophe.

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