notebooks for writers

Notebooks for writers – How to get it right

People write for a number of different reasons. It could be for work, pleasure or just to keep organized. Whatever the reason, a writer needs a great notebook. When out and about, a notebook can be an absolute lifesaver; a place to capture your best ideas or polish off your most recent project. So, lets […]

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Intertype Model C4-4-sm

Personalised Note Books | Mechanical Typesetting Using Hot Metal

The printing technology Prelogram uses to personalise note books – Linotype or mechanical typesetting – was a truly revolutionary development in the history of print and publishing. Here’s some more information about Linotype and why the Prelogram print team still uses it. Shop personalised note books When the Lindisfarne Gospels were made 1,300 years ago, […]

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Linotype keyboard

Bringing Hot Metal Back to London | Personalised Notebooks

UPDATE: our hot metal typesetting machine was a huge hit at Clerkenwell Design Week, personalising thousands of notebooks for Design Week attendees. We’ll be bringing the machine to future events in London. In the meantime, our huge range of notebooks which can be personalised are here. All the notebooks ship for free next day delivery. […]

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the etaoin shrdlu keys on a Linotype machine

Etaoin Shrdlu is Alive | Linotype Personalised Notebooks

Reports of the death of the mysterious ETAOIN SHRDLU have been much exaggerated: last sighted around 1985, he’s alive and well in West Yorkshire. ETAOIN SHRDLU is not, of course, a real person. It’s the combination of letters used by Linotype operators to fill up a line of type when a mistake is made or […]

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The front cover of the Intertype Book of Instruction

Intertype Manual | Book of Instruction

We have probably the world’s largest collection of operational Intertype machines. Two of the machines are in daily use, casting type using brass matrices and molten type metal. The type is used to create personalised notebooks: enter a name or other words online and we’ll set a slug of type which is used to blind […]

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Intertype Typeface Catalogue | List of Typefcaes

We have probably the world’s largest collection of operational mechanical typesetting machines. The machines are used daily, setting type from molten type metal. The type is used to create personalised journals: enter a name or other words online and we’ll set a slug of type which is used to blind deboss the cover of the […]

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Los Ultimos Endless Letterpress | Traditional print in Buenos Aires

In 2011 Urban Cottage Industries secured the future of the UK’s largest collection of Linotype and letterpress machinery. We love traditional printing and had to make a donation when we found out about ‘Los Ultimos Endless Letterpress’, a prospective independent documentary about letterpress printing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Just a few days after our donation we were sobre […]

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Urban Cottage Industries gift voucher.

Traditional Gift Vouchers | An Original and Tactile Gift

Since this journal post, we’ve sold out of the first print run of gift vouchers. But we still have ‘blanks’ which can be foiled with the value of the voucher and a code. Get in touch for more information. Original post: Our gift vouchers came off the presses yesterday and they are nothing less than […]

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Typography | The Beauty of Type Set by Hand

Loose type – the sort of type set that has been set by hand in Europe since Gutenberg in the 15th century – has an intrinsic beauty that is hard to define. It is by turns tactile, intricate, weighty and shows its history through the colour residue on the type. SHOP NOTEBOOKS PERSONALISED USING TYPE […]

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