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As Prelogram has built up the UK’s largest collection of historic printing machinery, it has also acquired a sizeable library of material on printing and typography. The collection – manuals, guides, catalogues, etc – covers all aspects of printing before the arrival of digital technology in the 1970s and 80s. The aim is to digitise – and make searchable – as much of the material as possible.

The first items to be scanned to the print archive relate to the Intertype mechanical typesetting machine Prelogram uses to set the text used to emboss Moleskines and print the words in greetings cards. The documents are a book ‘The Intertype – A Book of Instruction for its Operation and General Maintenance’ and a typeface catalogue ‘The Book of Intertype Faces.’ Both were published by published by Harris Intertype in the mid-1950s.

Book of Intertype Faces – Part A to E

Book of Intertype Faces - information

The catalogue shows the huge range of faces and fonts that were available for Intertype mechanical linecasting machines. Prelogram has most of the faces, fonts and weight in the collection as well as many faces matrices from Linotype.

View Part A to E of the Book of Intertype Faces

Intertype Book of Instruction

Title page of the Intertype Book of Instruction

The manual covers all aspects of the operation and use of Intertype’s mechanical typsetting machines

View the Intertype Book of Instruction

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