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Tungsten Filament Bulbs | Factorylux for BBC Horizon

A recent episode of the BBC Horizon TV programme used the tungsten filaments in Factorylux light bulbs to illuminate the science of human creativity. The programme The Creative Brain: How Insight Works showed how scientists use neuro-imaging technology to look inside our brains to discover what happens at the moment of innovation.

tungsten filaments in light bulbs

The tungsten filaments in the light bulbs were used as a metaphor for the firing of neurons in the human brain which, apparently, reflect moments of inspiration or realisation.

While we’d struggle to explain the finer points of neurophysiology covered in the documentary, we’re on stronger ground with the metaphorical light bulbs. The Horizon production team chose the short tube spiral tungsten filament and large globe squirrel cage tungsten filament light bulbs. All the Factorylux filament bulbs have been SWISS-made since 1906 and are unbeatable for both looks and longevity. Watch a video which shows how the tungsten filaments are threaded by hand here.

tungsten filament light bulbs

As shown in the documentary, the Factorylux bulbs can be dimmed to reveal the intricate beauty of the helical tungsten filaments. In addition to revealing the filament structure, dimming shifts the colour temperature of the light emitted to create a warm and relaxing orange/yellow sunset glow and further extends the life of the bulbs.

squirrel cage tungsten filament lightbulb

Images courtesy of and copyright the BBC.

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