Making Personalised Cards | Bear by Susie Wright

Since this journal post, we have stopped selling personalised cards. We continue to print packaging for our range of industrial lighting products using letterpress and sell notebooks personalised using mechanical typesetting and letterpress.

Original post:

Our last major print run of 2013 is Susie Wright’s Bear greetings card. It’s almost two years since the Linotype machines and Heidelberg platen presses were moved to the Old Trouser Factory. We’ve really hit our stride in 2013. We now have our own plate production facilities and an experienced print team of four. We are looking forward to 2014 being a great year for all things print. All the greetings cards we blog about are, of course, available to personalise and buy. You’ll find Susie’s card here.

urban-cottage-industries-bear-c urban-cottage-industries-bear-e urban-cottage-industries-bear-f

Our latest card design is by Susie Wright. Susie’s work has been exhibited widely and natural history is one of her inspirations. Although the Bear design is simple in being single colour, the design is complex. The print team are pleased with the quality of the impressions we can produce using the plates coming off our plate production facilities.

We could not resist a short run on our newly acquired 360gsm Kraft paper for the brown bear effect.

urban-cottage-industries-bear-a urban-cottage-industries-bear-b urban-cottage-industries-bear-g urban-cottage-industries-bear-d urban-cottage-industries-bear-h urban-cottage-industries-bear-j urban-cottage-industries-bear-i urban-cottage-industries-bear-k urban-cottage-industries-bear-l

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