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Our collection of personalised notebooks are created by a compelling mix of two information technologies which transformed the world a hundred years apart.

The internet means you can place an order for a personalised notebook online now and we start to process it immediately – orders placed before 11am are dispatched the same day for next day delivery. And we use the 19th century equivalent of the internet – hot metal mechanical typesetting machines – to quickly create a deep and beautiful impressions on the personalised notebooks.

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Start the process by choosing from a range of genuine Moleskine notebooks, sketchbooks and diaries or Leuchtturm notebooks in a range of colours and sizes. When you’ve chosen a brand, style and colour, simply enter the text – any combination of letters, numbers and punctuation symbols – you want pressing along the opening edge of the book.

Linotype keyboard

When you place your order, your text is typeset from molten metal on one of the world’s last operational mechanical typesetting machines. We use the classic Metrolite typeface – a fluid and readable sans serif from the 1930s. When the line of type comes off the machine, a proof is taken on thick cotton card and, if the quality of the typography meets our exacting standards, your notebook is personalised by using a heated press to deboss the edge of the notebook.

The personalised notebooks and the cotton card proofs are wrapped in high quality brown kraft paper gift envelope, and further wrapped in brown paper for protection during shipping. All the packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable.

In addition to notebooks personalised with a line of text, we also offer notebooks impressed with logos or other branding. The minimum order is just 25 – single colour or mixed orders – and all but the largest orders are dispatched within five working days. Get in touch – – for more information.

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