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Notebook Belly Bands | Upcycling Print Make Readies

UPDATE: We’ve exhausted our supply of recyclable paper from our print operation and we now print all personalised notebook belly bands on traditional kraft paper. The belly bands are still printed on the Heidelberg cylinder press though.

Original post:

When it comes to packaging, we’re all for reducing, reusing and recycling. The scrumpled paper in our boxes is 100% recycled and we don’t use hard-to-recyle plastic films. Some of the belly bands for our personalised notebooks are made from paper upcycled from our print operation.

Our collection of limited edition half-tone prints are created on a Heidelberg cylinder press which has been running since the middle of the last century. The prints are created by a reversed raised image which is inked and pressed against the paper.


Getting the pressure exactly right to produce the perfect impression takes a little bit of practice even for skilled printers. Too much pressure and the image is too dark, too little pressure and the image is too light and insufficiently detailed. The prints which come off the press during set-up are called make-readies.


We use some of the make readies for the belly bands for our personalised Moleskine and Leuchtturm notebooks. The reverse of the make-readies are printed and then guillotined into strips ready to wrap.


So, that’s why when you unwrap a notebook, the back of the belly band might reveal Pele’s thighs or Hepburn’s eyes. Or Marilyn’s lips or Merckx’s toe clips. Or maybe Cruyff’s toes or Jimmy Dean’s nose…


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