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The Factorylux customer newsletter from 15 April 2016

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Factorylux LED-filament vs tungsten filament
LED-Filament Pear

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Filament Pear

shop tungsten filament pear

For purely decorative use, the Factorylux tungsten filament light bulbs –
SWISS-made since 1906 – remain aesthetically unequalled.

But: the performance of the new Factorylux LED-Filaments is outstanding. For general
lighting applications, the aesthetic and technical characteristics are compelling.
And all at a cost of under 0.24 pence/hour at the average UK energy cost of 14.05 pence/kWh.

Factorylux LED-Filament light bulbs launch today. The LED-Filament Pear is £30.00 inc VAT
and delivery and the LED-Filament Large Globe is £33.60 inc VAT and delivery.

LED-filament vs tungsten filament
LED-Filament Globe

shop tungsten filament globe

Filament Globe

shop tungsten filament pear

Factorylux LED-Filament performance data

  • traditional glass envelope and stem
  • classic pear and large globe shapes
  • exceptionally narrow LED filaments
  • LEDs emit light around filaments
  • 8 filaments for even light distribution
  • no ‘striping’ or ‘banding’ effects
  • dimmable to <1% brightness
  • driver fully integrated in cap

  • bright – 470/620 lumen
  • A+ energy rating
  • colour render >90 CRI
  • colour temperature 2,200K
  • full brightness in < 0.1 s
  • 25,000 hour life
  • 100,000 switching cycles
  • power factor > 85%
Factorylux LED-filament
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