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In an effort to keep our website looking clean, we decided not to include logos for organisations we’ve joined and which are important to us. However, here are three organisations we are members of, which are important to us, and which we think are good for our customers, our employees, our business and society.

Lighting Industry Association

Lighting Industry Association logoThe LIA‘s mission is to promote high quality and safe lighting. An internationally recognised authority, the LIA helps draft legislation and formulate standards for lighting. Factorylux wall, ceiling and pendant lights are type-tested at the LIA’s specialist lab and we are audited each year to ensure compliance with British and international standards. We joined the LIA in 2010 and follow the LIA Code of Practice. Our most recent LIA auditor said ‘[The LIA is] not used to seeing companies that invest so much time and effort into compliance, and make so much progress in such a short space of time’

Living Wage Foundation

Living Wage Foundation logoThe LWF campaigns for a living wage for all employees, a campaign which enjoys support across the political spectrum – ‘An idea whose time has come’ Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. Adoption of the Living Wage has been slow in e-commerce – the progressive approach to technology is not matched by the same approach to employment relations. We’ve been an accredited Living Wage Employer since the wage was first set in 2011. Paying the Living Wage has helped us build a highly engaged workforce which delivers industry leading quality and service. In April 2014 we interviewed LWF Director Ryhs Moore about the Living Wage.

Employe Ownership Association

Employee Ownership Association logoThe EOA is the voice of employee co-owned businesses in the UK. We’re members of the EOA because our employees co-own a percentage of the business under a HMRC approved EMI scheme. In addition to having a stake in the capital of the business, employees receive a share of the annual dividend. Employee co-ownership ensures our employees share in the wealth and success they have worked so hard to create.

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