Smoke Glass Cylinder Shade

Meet Our New Smoked Cylinder Shade

We’ve expanded our range of cylinder shades to include this new smoked glass variant.

The more muted tones of the smoked cylinder shade make it extremely versatile in terms of application, with its subtle grey tint being a great match for most colour schemes.

Gently opaque, the smoked shade offers diffused lighting – perfect for ambient dining. Complete the look with a long tube light bulb for distinctive exposed filaments that can be viewed with comfort.

Smoked Grey Cylinder Shade

Couple with bang-on-trend mushroom for a pleasing palette with infinite appeal.

Mushroom Tones

For a more dynamic look, the amber glass cylinder shade offers a deep, rich hue to keep pace with the most saturated of schemes. Maintaining a diffused output, the amber option brings colour pop flair to any space.

For a modern twist on a classic, our glass Coolicons offer a faithful re-imagining of the original Benjamin Electric Company shades of the 1930s. Available in both clear and opalescent glass, the Coolicons are a flexible lighting solution for most lighting requirements.

Clear and Opal Coolicon

Clear and Opal Coolicon

The Bletchley shade, another true reproduction of a classic, was our first foray into glass lamp shades. Originally manufactured for the restoration of Bletchley Park, the shade soon won hearts and a place among our diverse range.

Bletchley Shade

Bletchley Shade

All our glass shades are hand crafted in the UK for unrivalled precision and finish.

Each design is available shade-only or as part of a bespoke pendant.

Factorylux Glass Shades

Factorylux Glass Shades

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