Filament light bulbs being made

Making Filament Light Bulbs Film | Factorylux Manufacturing

Factorylux filament light bulbs have been made in Switzerland since 1906. The three minute film (30 second version here) shows the manufacturing processes.

The stem or mount of the bulb is formed from a glass tube which has two wires inserted into it – the contacts which form the electrical circuit. Support wires are inserted into the stem and the number and placement of these wires determines the filament style.

The tungsten filament is threaded by hand to the support wires and connected to the contacts. When the stem is complete it is fused into the glass bulb (or envelope) by melting the glass and the bulb is evacuated or filled with an inert gas. The final stage is to put the brass cap on and test the light bulbs and every bulb is tested before it leaves the factory.

Threading the filaments is an intricate task – it’s not possible to make the complex filament styles in Factorylux bulbs other than by hand. While most filament bulb production has moved to China to reduce costs, Factorylux decided to retain production in Europe to guarantee quality and safety.

There’s over a century of accumulated knowledge and expertise in the Factorylux filament bulbs and they offer exceptional aesthetic performance and life span. The bulbs are suitable for decorative use in pendant, wall, floor and table light fittings.

Dimming the bulbs dramatically reduces energy use, reveals the intricate beauty of the filament, and creates a relaxing orange/yellow sunset light. Shop the collection of filament light bulbs here.

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