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Lighting Liberty Christmas Windows | Factorylux Light Bulbs

The Factorylux Eco-Filament light bulbs are being used for lighting Liberty London’s Christmas 2014 window displays. The windows were unveiled on the recent episode of Liberty of London on Channel 4.

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The final episode of the second series was broadcast on 3 December 2014 and showed the Liberty team planning and preparing the Christmas displays on a nautical theme. The theme evokes Liberty’s history – the Tudor-style building was constructed from the timbers of HMS Impregnable and HMS Hindustan and Liberty has been bringing beautiful fabrics and ornaments from around the world to Regent Street since 1875. The design and installation of the Christmas displays were overseen for the first time by Liz Sylvester, Liberty’s new Head of Visual Identity and feature the strapline ‘The Store that Launched a Thousand Gifts’.

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All the decorative lighting for the windows comes from the Factorylux range. The light bulbs are the Eco-Filament Pear Light Bulbs, the first realistic low-energy and long-life alternative to the traditional filament light bulb in terms of aesthetics. The light bulbs produce a warm white light (2,300K) and last 25,000 hours or over 11 years at six hours per day.

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The E27 Eco-Filaments Pears launched in May 2014 and it is good the see them being used in such a high profile project – tens of thousands of people see the liberty Christmas displays each day. There are also B22 Bayonet Pear and E27 Large Globe Eco-Filaments. In addition to supply the light bulbs, the fabric lighting cable and lamp holders are also from the Factorylux range.


All the products used for lighting Liberty’s windows are available as components or as complete assembled pendant lights using the Factorylux Made For You designer lighting service. Both simple pendant lights (ceiling pendants without shades) or simple plug in lights can be configured using the Made For You Service. Choose from hundred of components (lamp holders, cable, ceiling hardware etc) using the online configurators and, when you’re happy with the design, your light is hand built at our production HQ in Yorkshire. Every light fitting is individually tested and certified to BS EN 60598 and dispatched for next working day delivery, ready for safe and simple installation with all required fixtures and fittings.

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All images courtesy of and copyright Liberty of London.

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