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UPDATE: in January 2017, we launched a wider range of improved LED Filament Light Bulbs. The range now has five bulb shapes, all available in standard bayonet (B22) and screw (E27). Buy the LED-Filaments here. Or read more about how the range has been improved here.

The first Filament LED light bulbs came on the market around three years ago. As with most technologies, there were significant initial problems with faults and performance, particularly in relation to dimming, flicker, colour temperature and render, and life-span.

A significant amount of work has been done to overcome the problems and the technology is now mature enough for Factorylux to launch its first two LED-Filament light bulbs – the LED-Filament Pear and the LED-Filament Large Globe.

Factorylux tungsten v LED filament pear

Factorylux Tungsten Filament Pear (left)  v Factorylux LED-Filament Pear (right)

For purely decorative use, the Factorylux tungsten filament light bulbs, threaded by hand in Switzerland since 1906, remain aesthetically unequalled. But: the aesthetic and technical performance of the new Factorylux LED-Filaments is compelling for more general lighting applications. Here’s the full LED-Filament data:

Aesthetic Technical
traditional glass envelope and stem A+ energy rating
classic pear and large globe shapes 470 lumen for the pear/620 for the globe
exceptionally narrow LED filaments colour render > 90 CRI
LEDs emit light around filaments colour temperature 2,200K
8 filaments for even light distribution full brightness in < 0.1 s
no ‘striping’ or ‘banding’ effects 20,000 hour life for the pear/25,000 for the globe
dimmable to <1% brightness 100,000 switching cycles
driver fully integrated in cap power factor > 85%
Factorylux LED v tungsten filament globes

Factorylux LED-Filament Large Globe (left) v Factorylux Tungsten Filament Large Globe (right)

Factorylux LED-Filament bulbs are the first LEDs to challenge the performance of tungsten filament in terms of aesthetics, colour render and colour temperature. And they use up to 90% less energy than traditional filament bulbs.

The LED-Filament Pear is £30.00 (inc VAT and delivery) and the LED-Filament Large Globe £33.60 (inc VAT and delivery). The running cost is under 0.24 pence/hour based on the rated 20,000/25,000 hour life and the average UK domestic energy cost of 14.05 pence/kWh. Factorylux LED-Filament light bulbs open a new chapter for decorative lighting in the home, leisure and retail.

Factorylux LED-Filament light bulbs

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