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The Factorylux collection of industrial wall lights encompasses a huge choice of products in a range of styles, sizes, colours and finishes. Here’s our guide to choosing industrial-style wall lights. Whichever fitting you choose, all the Factorylux wall lights are tested and certified to BS EN 60598 and dispatched for safe and simple installation with clear instructions, wiring diagrams and all the necessary fixtures and fittings.

Maria Wall Lights

The Factorylux Maria Wall lights are hand built in the UK at our integrated production HQ in West Yorkshire. There are a range of styles from the small Maria Sconce with a B15/SBC lamp holder to the large Maria Banjo with a 190mm shade and E27/ES lamp holder. The components for the fittings are machined in the UK from solid brass, and then finished in either vintage brass, antique bronze or silver nickel plate.

galvanised industrial wall lights

Maria Banjo Wall Lights in antique bronze with galvanised shades fitted to a galvanised conduit installation

The fittings can be used without a shade or there are UK-made shades in six genuine vitreous enamel colours and six metallics. The centrifuge galvanised steel and stainless steel shades have a particularly strong industrial/functional aesthetic.

brass industrial wall lights

Simple Maria Wall Lights in vintage brass and shown with large globe squirrel cage filament bulbs

The collection of Maria Wall Lights is extremely versatile. The range of colours and finishes means there are fittings compatible with a wide range of ‘looks’ and surface materials; and there are styles and sizes suitable for ambient, task, accent and mood lighting in a range of spaces.

Ceramic Industrial Wall Lights

The ceramic wall lights are available in three varieties: straight, angled and right-angled. All three are suitable for wall mounting. There’s enough room in the base of the light fittings for making electrical connections for recessed wiring; and knockouts for surface wiring, whether in conduit or exposed. The ceramic lights have a simple ‘clean’ minimalist aesthetic.

ceramic industrial wall light

Angled Ceramic Industrial Wall Light shown with small globe loop filament bulb

The ceramic light fittings look good against a range of surfaces and are particularly popular in the ‘outside zones’ of bathrooms – those areas which do not require IP rated fittings. More information about bathroom lighting is here together with a diagram which shows the restricted areas.

Bakelite Industrial Wall Lights

The Bakelite lights come in two different designs – angled and straight, both suitable for wall mounting. The use of Bakelite gives the fittings a vintage aesthetic – Bakelite was one of the first synthetic plastics. Both have space in the base of the fitting for making electric connections if the wiring is concealed, and knockouts in the base for surface wiring, whether in conduit or mounted directly to the surface.

bakelite industrial wall light

Angled Bakelite Vintage Wall Light shown with small globe loop filament bulb

IP Rated or Bathroom Industrial Wall Lights

The Factorylux IP rated industrial wall lights are suitable for use in bathrooms. To ensure the safety of any installation, electrical work in bathrooms should be undertaken by an approved contractor.

The ceramic IP rated wall lights have an off-white ceramic base and clear glass cover with rubber seal. There are two design options – straight or angled, both of which come with a brass gland to ensure water cannot get into the fitting.

IP rated industrial wall light

IP rated ceramic industrial wall light shown with IP rated lighting pattress

The industrial lantern and the oval bulkhead light are made from die cast aluminium. The fittings have 20mm threaded entry points which makes them particular suitable for conduit installations. For installation with exposed wiring, the Factorylux range includes a cable outlet rated to IP 54.

industrial lantern wall lights

IP rated industrial lanterns shown with oval spiral filament bulbs

bulkhead industrial wall lights

Bulkhead industrial wall light shown mounted to a galvanised conduit installation

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