How To Style Fabric Lighting Cable: The Wrap Technique

Urban Cottage Industries offers a host of fabric lighting cable options. With a plethora of colours and two distinctive styles, it’s easy to create a styled look that’s unique to you.

Once you’ve made your colour selection, ordered the fabric lighting cable and produced your fixture, you can start to think about how to style the cord.

For most, a straight drop will be both the easiest and the most practical option. For some, space constraints or a pre-existing obstacle may mean that some creativity is required.

Looped Cable

Create a custom hanging solution with a tied loop

There are several ways to produce a knotted or looped arrangement. By doing so, you can both reduce the drop and create some visual flair in the process.

The Wrap Technique

In the first of three posts, we’re putting the spotlight on the wrap technique. By using some of the fabric sheath from your surplus fabric lighting cable, you can create a neatly tied loop perfect for attaching to a ceiling mounted hook.


Simply remove the fabric sheath from a length of cable (15cm-20cm should do it) and wrap around a looped section of your pendant. Tie with a bow or simple knot and neaten with scissors. For full fray protection, dab the ends with a bit of glue to seal.

Hey presto! A neat styling hack to impress your guests

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment when we’ll look at another solution which could work wonders for your pendant.

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