See-Through the Hype | Glass Pendant Lights For Kitchen Spaces

The kitchen space more than most, benefits from effective and elegant lighting. Most schemes will feature several distinct forms of lighting, each catered to a particular facet of the space. Pendants can make an excellent and versatile addition to the kitchen space. Depending on positioning, pendants can offer general, accent or task lighting for the room. Recently, glass pendants have seen a resurgence in popularity. Let’s take a look at the reason glass pendant lights for kitchen spaces make such a great fit.

So, why glass pendant lights for kitchen?

Glass pendant lights for kitchen

Delicately diffuse

The nature of glass shades sets them apart. Depending on the opacity of the glass, these pendants can offer a general output or a gently diffused light. So, something like our Bletchley Park shade will provide gentle light with reduced glare. Or, if you need a bit more output, a Clear glass Coolicon offers full transparency.

Glass pendant lights for Kitchen

Whichever glass option you opt for, you’ll get a more general light output. Unlike metal or enamel equivelants which trap and focus output, glass shades cast a wider pool of light. This output makes glass pendant lights for kitchen a perfect match.

Eye-catching design

There’s something about glass that make it instantly feel more intricate or delicate. Shades manufactured from solid glass are no different. Where metal equivelants evoke a sense of the industrial, glass pendants add a touch of elegance. The cylinder shades are a prime example. The scale of the shade and the smoothness of it’s design make for an eye-catching contemporary addition.

Glass pendants for kitchen

Chain reaction

Furthermore, this elegance of design has an effect on the weight of the pendant. Typically, larger metal or enamel pendants will require an additional length of chain as support. Opting for a sleeker glass alternative means you can ditch the chain and have an altogether simpler suspension. So, modern minimal kitchen spaces are able to incorporate glass pendants with ease.

Glass pendant lights for kitchen

So, there we have it. Glass pendants are on the rise and the reasons are pretty transparent.

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