How To Style Fabric Lighting Cable: The Wrap Technique

Urban Cottage Industries offers a host of fabric lighting cable options. With a plethora of colours and two distinctive styles, it’s easy to create a styled look that’s unique to you. Once you’ve made your colour selection, ordered the fabric lighting cable and produced your fixture, you can start to think about how to style […]

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A steel light shade being made

Making Light Shades Film | Factorylux Production

All the Factorylux light shades are made entirely in the UK by skilled metalworkers. The film shows Factorylux Coolicon shades being meticulously engineered from steel and vitreous enamel. SHOP LAMP SHADES The raw material for the shades is high quality low carbon steel (or pure copper for the copper shades) which is cut into squares […]

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Setting type for Moleskines

Making Personalised Notebooks Film | Prelogram Production

Prelogram personalised notebooks are created by hot-debossing genuine Moleskines and Leuchtturms with a line of type which is cast from molten metal. SHOP PERSONALISED NOTEBOOKS The type is cast on some of the world’s last operational Linotype mechanical linecasting machines. The two minute film (30 second version here) shows the operation of the typesetting machine […]

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Wall lights being made

Making Wall Lights Film | Factorylux Production

Factorylux wall lights are designed, made and tested in the UK. The four minute film (30 second version here) shows the process from start to finish. SHOP WALL LIGHTS Each style or design of Factorylux wall light has been tested and certified to BS EN 60598 – the applicable standard for complete light fittings – […]

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Filament light bulbs being made

Making Filament Light Bulbs Film | Factorylux Manufacturing

Factorylux filament light bulbs have been made in Switzerland since 1906. The three minute film (30 second version here) shows the manufacturing processes. SHOP FILAMENT LIGHT BULBS The stem or mount of the bulb is formed from a glass tube which has two wires inserted into it – the contacts which form the electrical circuit. […]

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Twisted electrical cable being made

Making Electrical Cable Video | Factorylux Manufacturing

All Factorylux electrical cable is made in Italy to meet rigorous UK and European safety standards. SHOP ELECTRICAL CABLE Many fabric cable manufacturers reduce costs by importing low-cost cable from the far east and then weaving the fabric covering in the UK/EU. The quality of this cable is often poor in terms of finish and […]

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