Are LED bulbs dimmable

The Big Questions Answered – Are LED Bulbs Dimmable?

We love LED’s, they’re taking over the world. They offer massive efficiency and value for money. For the unconverted, dimming has been the final piece of the puzzle. With a host of jargon and some complex tech, it’s no surprise that one of the most frequently asked questions remains, ‘are LED bulbs dimmable?’.

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Ask the expert: How to rock a minimalist interior

To get the insider on creating a serene, minimalist interior (that still feels cosy and welcoming) we spoke to photographer turned ceramist Tracy Dixon. The 47-year-old, Wiltshire-based artist is known for a paired-down, minimalist aesthetic, which runs through both her work and personal space. “I’ve always been drawn to neutral colors: whites, greys, beige tones […]

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Limited Edition Lighting: Melba Disc Shade

Drawing inspiration from jazz bebop legend Melba Liston, our latest limited edition pendant delivers an artful composition in brass. Comprising brass rose, holder and mirror-polish Melba disc shade all drawn together by olive brown flex, Melba adopts a consistent palette ideal for contemporary schemes High-shine metallics have rapidly become one of the runaway interior trends […]

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Boys Bedroom Ideas - Eeyor on a Wicker Chair

Children’s Bedroom Ideas: 5 Ideas from the Pros

Few rooms are as much fun to decorate as those belonging to children. This is the place to let your (and their) imagination run wild. Experiment with colour, go big on a theme, be playful with design… it doesn’t matter what you do, just that the end result makes them feel cosy, inspired and happy. […]

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Beryl Pendants Pictured Side by Side

True Grit | Beryl Limited Edition Pendants

One of These Things is not Like the Others The team at Urban Cottage Industries has been working hard [sic] to produce a number of offbeat curiosities for a new limited edition collection. The range will feature a number of unique luminaires, all set for release over the coming months. Bespoke by design, application or […]

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