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Factorylux fabric lighting cable has featured in two recent issues of The World of Interiors (WoI).

The first feature – February 2016 – was on a Regency home in London’s Knightsbridge, by Belgian designer Lionel Jadot.

The characteristically tall and narrow London home was completely redesigned by Lionel, the sixth generation of his family to work in the family furniture business. Lionel set up his own interior design company which is distinguished by its use of both salvaged and natural materials.

Factorylux fabric lighting cable was specified for many rooms of the house, including the bright blue cable in the central hall which makes an vibrant contrast with the brass light fittings. The feature is by Ros Byam Shaw with photography by Serge Anton.

bright blue fabric lighting cable in world of interiors

The second appearance was in the Antennae feature by Nathalie Wilson in April’s WoI. Antennae included two recent additions to the Factorylux fabric lighting cable range – the hessian and the dark linen cable. The first Factorylux natural fibre cables – pale and dark linen – launched in July 2015. The cables were a huge hit and spurred the development of more natural fibre fabric lighting cables.

fabric lighting cable in World of Interiors

The woven cover on Factorylux hessian fabric cable is made from jute, a natural fibre from shrubs of the genus Corchorus grown mainly in India and Bangladesh. It’s the same coarse and durable fabric used to make sacks and for backing rugs and carpets. It’s an eco-friendly material – entirely organic and, unlike cotton, requires no artificial irrigation and very limited use of fertilizer and pesticides. Both the cable itself and the hessian covering is woven entirely and exclusively in Milan, the Italian fashion and industrial design capital, to meet rigorous UK and European standards.

Images courtesy of and copyright The World of Interiors/Condé Nast.

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