Fabric Cable | Factorylux for 4/Quarti Bar, Sicily

The Italian architecture and design practice Studio Pipitone specified a range of Factorylux lighting for the 4/Quarti venue in Alcamo, Sicily. The project included a range of Factorylux fabric cable.

red fabric cable on the ceiling at 4/Quarti

The 4/Quarti venue is a former hotel which has been re-imagined as a series of flexible spaces in which to enjoy food, drink, music, film and live entertainment. 4/Quarti hosts film screenings, live music and exhibitions. The project was designed around the four themes of eating, drinking, listening and watching. The design makes extensive use of natural wood in a range of hews and hues – both for the interior finishes and the furniture – and steel work finished in cobalt blue.

red fabric cable above the bar at 4/Quarti

Factorylux fabric cable is used extensively for the project. In the low-ceilinged bar area it is looped around tensioned wires strung across the ceiling. Bare filament bulb pendants are used to light the bar and the booth areas. In the higher-ceilinged dining areas, the cable is loosely looped around the ironwork attached to the ceiling. The design is both simple and cost-effective and the red fabric cable looks good against both the blue and white ceilings.

fabric cable at 4/Quarti, Sicily

All the Factorylux fabric cable is manufactured in Milan, the Italian fashion and industrial design capital at the opposite end of the Italian peninsular from Sicily. It’s available in four varieties: three core round fabric cable, three core braided cable, two core braided cable and fabric power cable. There are over 50 colour and finish options and free fabric cable samples to help you reach a decision about which is the right colour for your project.

fabric cable on the ceiling at 4/Quarti, Sicily

Images courtesy of and copyright Studio Pipitone. Photography by Gianluca Nuzzo.

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