Eco-LED Light Bulbs | Exceptional Quality LED Performance

Factorylux Eco-LED light bulbs combine technological and design firsts to provide superior quality light from a visually attractive product. The Eco-LEDs are perfect for general or ambient lighting throughout the home.

The performance data is impressive: bright light (800 lumen), extremely low flicker (under 3% – well below what humans can perceive), warm white colour temperature (2,700K), excellent colour render (>90 CRI), fast start time (<0.5 seconds) and excellent light distribution (330° beam angle).

eco-led light bulbs in kitchen

Factorylux traditional SWISS-made filament light bulbs remain a great proposition for decorative lighting or for mood lighting but for ceiling pendant lights and general/ambient lighting, the performance of the Eco-LEDs is compelling.

The dimmable Eco-LED can be dimmed with most conventional dimmers, avoiding the need to replace dimmer switches when moving to LED technology. The double-click dimmable Eco-LED can be dimmed using a convention on-off switch – switch on for full brightness and on-off-on for 30% brightness. For those without dimmer switches, the technology gives the advantages of dimming without the hassle of buying and re-wiring existing switches.

eco-led light bulbs in chandelier

The Eco-LEDs are rated ‘A’ for energy consumption and have a lifespan of 25,000 hours. Taking account of the cost of buying the bulbs and the average UK domestic electricity prices (14p per kWh), the total cost of running an Eco-LED for is 0.3 pence per hour. Or 1.85 pence per day for six hours per day over the 11 year lifespan of the bulb. The Eco-LEDs offer extremely high quality light for exceptional value for money.

eco-led bulb in shade

If you have poorer quality compact fluorescent or LED bulbs in your home, you’ll immediately notice the difference in the quality of light from the Eco-LED. The fast start time, brightness and impressive colour performance are obvious – things are much clearer, brighter, warmer and more colourful.

eco-led bulb with box

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