New Decorative Lighting Cable Colours | Grey Marl, Sage Green and Teal

The Factorylux range of decorative lighting cables has been extended to include three new colours: grey marl, sage green and teal.

All three colours are available in both three core round and three core twist with samples included in the lighting cable sample box and on the lighting cable sample ring.

decorative lighting cables - grey sage teal

The grey marl cable has a ‘woollier’ weave than standard and there are dark and light gradations of shade as the cable catches the light. The overall effect is – as the name suggests – like high quality grey marl clothing.

grey marl twist lighting cable

The other two new colours – sage green and teal – have the more conventional finer, smoother and more satin finish. All the fabric coverings are extremely hard wearing.

sage green twist lighting cable

teal blue twist lighting cable

In addition to being available ‘cable only‘, the new cable colours are, of course, available across the Factorylux Made For You range of bespoke lighting, including simple plug in lights, simple pendant lights and glass pendant lights.

All Factorylux cable – lighting and power – is made entirely and exclusively in Milan, centre of the Italian fashion and industrial design industries. The flex is meets rigorous European safety standards and is beautifully flexible – it curls and coils easily – unlike much of the cheap cable imported from the far East. We’ve commissioned a film which shows how the Factorylux cable is made. Watch the lighting cable film here.

decorative lighting cables

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