BXR Boxer Mural

Champion of the World – Anthony Joshua and BXR

World heavyweight champion and all-round nice guy Anthony Joshua was flexing his not inconsiderable might once again on Saturday with an impressive K.O. victory over challenger Carlos Takam. The victory sees Anthony maintain his impressive 100% record and secured him a 20th professional bout success.

Away from the bright lights of the ring, Joshua has carved out a name for himself as not only an athlete, but a strong role model and personality with a far-reaching and ever-expanding fan base.

With a modest upbringing, Anthony Joshua has always strived to achieve success and famously holds medals and belts above financial gain.

Urban Cottage Industries & BXR London

Urban Cottage Industries recently worked with DHA Designs on Anthony’s members-only concept gym BXR London. The product of an investment collaboration with the likes of Mark Ronson among others, BXR represents a workout space with unrivalled heart, design and utility.

With boxing discipline at its heart, BXR aims to develop the champion mindset and offers a diverse roster of programs to aid the budding boxer. Elite mentors, coaches and trainers in both body and mind are on hand to lend their expertise.

BXR Interior Montage

BXR London / DHA Designs © Gilles Bonugli Kali

BXR offers an expansive space, which meant getting the correct lighting scheme was of utmost importance. Lighting such a large space whilst maintaining the strong design ethos was a challenge we were all too happy to accept. With our long-standing brand identity and industrial aesthetic, it was a match made in heaven.

The ring can be an imposing place to be so requires some similarly imposing lighting, enter the Factorylux Reflector. Weighing in at an impressive 3kg, the 500mm reflector shade offers an impressive backdrop to the centre ring lending practice bouts the stature of a heavyweight final.

Factorylux Matt Black 500mm Shades at BXR London

BXR London / DHA Designs © Gilles Bonugli Kali

The shades at BXR were produced in a classic Matt Black, hardwearing, enamel finish. Our range includes six genuine vitreous enamel finishes along with galvanised steel and nickel plate.

Factorylux 500mm Reflector Shade in Matt Black

If your home doesn’t have the scale of BXR, you can still introduce some industrial flair. Why not consider the smaller 360mm reflector or 190mm kitchen shades, both available in the same range of enamel and metallic finishes.

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