Bedroom Lighting | Factorylux for Bert and May

Bert & May, specialists in tiles, wood, furniture, bathroom fittings and kitchens have made the leap to entire pre-fabricated structures with Bert’s Boxes. The boxes are specified with Factorylux light fittings, including the bedroom lighting.

bedroom lighting Berts box

The environmentally friendly modular living spaces take prefab to a new level with reclaimed timber walls and floors, green roofs and underfloor heating below the handmade encaustic tiles. The boxes are built by Bert & May and designed by architecture and design studio Box 9 Design.

The two bedroom big box features the classic bronze Maria Banjo wall lights with gloss black enamel shades beside the bed, and a central ceiling pendant light with a 360mm industrial light shade in matching gloss black enamel. In keeping with the eco-friendly nature of the box, all the light fittings were equipped with the Eco-Filament pear light bulbs.

bedroom lighting bert and may

The smaller one bedroom box used the same fittings – wall lights and central ceiling pendant – but in white vitreous enamel. In addition to the bedroom lighting, Factorylux bathroom and outdoor lighting was specified for the boxes.

The IP rated Industrial Lanterns were fitted to conduit for the outside of the boxes and the bathrooms featured the Ceramic Bathroom Wall Lights.

Berts Box living room kitchen

The boxes hit the sweet spot of great design – they are highly original while being effortless and uncontrived. Congratulations to Box 9 for the design work and Bert & May for the build.

Bert and May box

All images courtesy of and copyright Bert & May. Photography by Chris Snook.

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