Bare Bulb Pendants

With no sign of slowing down, the popularity of bare bulb pendants continues to grow. Astute consumers continue to transform their living spaces with minimal fuss by adopting this stripped back design hack.

With good reason! Here’s why:

  • The bare bulb pendant offers a truly versatile and highly customisable solution for most spaces
  • Going shade-less will have an impact on your pocket. Dropping the shade could save you as much as £300
  • The pounds you’ve saved could allow for a multi-pendant option, making it perfect for larger spaces or dining areas
  • The inches shaved off by going shade-free make the simple pendant perfect for small spaces and even tiny homes
  • Everyone loves the nostalgia of exposed filaments. Now there are LED filament options so you can create the same look without impacting the planet

How to create your own

There are 1000’s of options – so it’s time to get creative.

Here are some of our favourites:

Shoreditch Apartment Chandelier

This Shoreditch apartment has made great use of a multi-drop chandelier. By spreading the drop and mixing up the cable lengths, the owner has created a distinctive feature.

Pear LED-filament

Exposed filaments offer a great reason to ditch the shade. Factorylux LED-filaments give the same great look without the guilt.

Large Globe LED-filament

The large globe LED-filaments couple a distinctive envelope with an intricate filament to produce a great talking point

Traditional filaments and Bakelite holder

For those that just can’t let go, nothing quite beats the beauty of the traditional filament lightbulb. Couple with Bakelite holders to complete the vintage look.

A trio of bare bulb pendants

A trio of bare bulb pendants can make for a great feature in the dining room

Simple bedside lighting

Through clever placement and innovative cable decoration, these simple pendants make for great bedside lights

Maria Steampunk and traditional filaments

A shadeless chandelier can make for a great central lighting feature. The Maria Steampunk and traditional filaments, a match made in lighting heaven.

Simple bathroom lighting solution

For those that know their IP from their elbow, shadeless pendants offer a great alternative to traditional bathroom lighting

Bare bulb pendant

Sometimes simple is stunning. In this case, artful cable presentation takes a simple pendant to the next level.

Make your own, book an electrician or ask us about our pre-assembly service.

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